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Car Windshield Coating & Glass Cleaner

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Name: Car windshield Coating & Glass cleanerFeatures:1. Water drive protection2. Clear sight3. Safe driving4. Long-lasting rain protectionScope of application: Front windshield,Side car,Rearview mirrorInstructions:1. Clean glass with glass oil film product2. Shake the liquid in the bottle to the sponge.3. Evenly spread on the glass surface4. After about 5 to 10 minutes, remove rubbing by the dry towelPrecautions:1. If the glass don’t remove the oil film, the effect can not be achieved very well2. Not use in high temperature glass3. Don’t touch water within 24 hours after constructionPackage includes:1 x Car windshield Coating1 x Towel1 x Sponge

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